What We Do

Excelsior provides not only financing but all of the analysis and structuring that goes into making your  business successful.  We become partners with you helping to refine your business approach so that the maximum value is achieved through any financing effort.

Simply putting a deal in front of an investor is not enough to get a deal done.  Thorough business plans, management structures and risk mitigation strategies need to be identified and integrated in order to make a deal truly compelling.

Because of our market experience, Excelsior can provide extensive assistance in positioning your company for both the next stage of capital and also for the long term success associated with putting the capital to work with the right resources.

As part of our services we coordinate world class technical, legal and insurance resources to enhance our business model. Engaging the right counterparties and securing capable strategic partners adds value and ensures the long term success of your business.

We help to create the right business structure and strategic plans to attract high quality investors.  We consult with you and provide a window into the competitive landscape to ensure that your market assumptions best serve your growth.

Financing is only part of creating a successful business.  Excelsior is there to assure all aspects of your plan are geared for success.