Media and Entertainment

The media and entertainment industry is in the midst of rapid change.  Digital technologies are changing the manner in which content is produced as well as how it is consumed.  These changes are creating opportunities as well as pitfalls.

Excelsior has extensive experience in the media sector, throughout the value chain.  We have been involved in production, bonding, finance, distribution and marketing for both film and television.  We know the latest market trends and niches and can integrate platforms to create maximum value and reduce risk.

Excelsior has developed a distribution platform for broadcast television which integrates an independent Over the Top (OTT) distribution which is transforming independently produced programming.  By integrating dependable revenue streams with the value add of digital delivery platforms, we can capture and drive merchandising and digital advertising revenue in an unconventional but highly effective manner.

Similarly, Excelsior can establish unique and powerful distribution mechanisms for feature films that reduces financial exposure allowing greater access to equity capital.

We approach the media and entertainment business with the same principals that we use in our project finance models.  This approach leads to stronger projects that have quantifiable returns based upon qualitative risk mitigation and counterparty contracting.

We LOVE creativity and want to empower your artistic innovation with our structured solutions to make great content profitable.

Excelsior can supply your business with the following media and entertainment services:



Technology Innovation


Social Media Integration

Digital Delivery

Innovative Revenue Models

Innovative Distribution Models

Corporate Strategy

Subscription Models and Customer Retention

Excelsior is looking for great projects with talented and creative management willing to approach the media sector like the business that it is.