Alternative Energy and Power

Excelsior specializes in the Alternative Energy and Power sector.  We are passionate about sustainability and we understand that true sustainability also means financial viability.  We began working in the renewable sector long before it was fashionable. We like to focus on sustainable opportunities that meet a market demand in a manner that has a lower overall environmental impact.  Sometimes that means taking incremental steps and we think that any step in environmental sustainability is a step in the right direction.

We have helped numerous companies commercialize fully validated technologies.  We have structured complex financings for integrated renewable energy power plants. We have arranged for portfolio acquisitions and been consulted for turn-arounds.

Excelsior has the experience, market knowledge and passion to help your company achieve greatness.  By helping you, we help the planet.

The alternative and renewable power sectors for which Excelsior has experience and interest include the following:




Renewable Power   

Sustainable Food Production  

Water Treatment    

Sustainable Industry   

Combined Heat and Power   

Synthetic Fuel Production   

Waste to Energy    




Energy Efficiency

Energy Storage

Excelsior is happy to entertain any alternative and renewable energy projects that have a technically valid and proven technology and provides for real environmental and economic benefits.