Our Clients

Excelsior works with a range of Companies both assisting in the strategic growth and development of their business as well as structuring and positioning them for additional capital infusions. Some of our recent clients include the following:

Sky Vegetables

Sky Vegetables develops roof top hydroponic farms which grow fresh vegetables and greens.  They provide a sustainable and cost effective means of promoting urban agriculture and provide nutritious  food for our cities.

Dance Netwok LogoThe Dance Network is a world class Over the Top Network being developed and launched out of Nashville, TN.  The Network will have high quality original programming and thousands of hours of licensed content.  The Network is highly interactive and poised to become a leader in the OTT sector.

Waste Empowered

Waste Empowered develops,  owns and operates integrative waste to energy facilities.  The facilities include recycling, composting and waste to energy power generation.  The Waste Empowered team includes top tier engineering and construction companies along with large scale municipal clients.

Unity Logo

Unity Fertilizer is an Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer which integrates biosolids into a nitrogen based fertilizer product adding valuable organic matter.  The patented Unity process has been tested by the International Fertilizer Development Center validating the high environmental standards of the product and demonstrating enhanced yields for farmers across the country.


Marimed Advisors is a leading consulting and development firm for the Medical Cannabis industry.  The Company is involved in numerous production and dispensaries across the country.  Marimed is on the leading edge of developing precise dosing methodologies and is supporting multiple medical trials with leading healthcare institutions.

Orbit Logo

Orbit Energy develops, builds, owns and operates highly efficient anaerobic digestion facilities for the conversion of organic waste materials into natural gas and compost.  The patented process accelerates the decomposition of organic wastes facilitating a smaller facility footprint and increased energy efficiencies.

Verolube is the owner of the patented REGEN process which reprocesses waste oils.  The re-refining process produces very high quality base lube oils, ultra-low sulfur on-road diesel, asphalt flux and naphtha distillates.  Verolube has acquired targeted regional waste oil collection companies and is currently building a regional REGEN facility.

Media Fusion

Media Fusion is an international television broadcast syndication company.   Media Fusion works with content producers to establish worldwide program distribution through its affiliations with broadcast networks from around the globe.


The Nollen Group is a European based developer of biomass facilities.  Nollen group has developed relationships with global technology leaders and has established a network of projects thought Asia and South Africa.


Intercontinental Potash is the developer of one of the largest polyhalite reserves in the US.  The facility will mine and process the polyhalite in an environmentally responsible manner producing a high quality Sulfate of Potash , which is a core agricultural commodity.


FLS Energy is one of the South East’s largest utility scale solar  developers.  With a base in North Carolina, FLS has become a leader in the development, construction and operation of large scale solar installations.

PRE LogoPRE Management is a developer of multiuse Commercial Real Estate in the European market, particularly in Germany.  Most recently PRE  signed s commitment to acquire an senior housing facility to redevelop into small downtown condominiums.