Financing a project can be a complicated effort.  Equity, debt, credits, incentives, and strategic partnerships all play a role in the overall capital stack and the value which is built in the Company.  Excelsior helps your business put the pieces together in a manner that allows you to bring high quality capital partners to the table.


Excelsior has relationships with a variety of Private Equity Funds and Family Offices who invest in the sectors we represent.  We understand their strategy and can position your company to secure the capital necessary to take your business or project to the next step.  We understand how to build value helping you to maintain the strongest position possible.

By integrating the strategic objectives we can help to create value for both the company and investor by leveraging market trends and synergies.


Structuring and securing debt with financial institutions, hedge funds and multi strategy private equity funds can be a challenge. Determining the amount of leverage and costs associated with debt can mean the difference between success and failure.  While leverage can be a boon for the equity investors, it means that robust cashflows must follow.

Establishing the best means for maximizing debt leverage may mean more than one debt provider in different positions within the capital stack.  This entails  negotiating inter-creditor agreements and bringing the right parties together.  Excelsior has the market knowledge and understanding ….. to make it happen.

Structured Finance

Structured finance entails some element of risk transfer. Whether that is accomplished through third party insurances or hedges or the monetization of incentives and tax credits, Excelsior can assist in creating a structured finance scenario that builds value for your company.

Excelsior has assisted in putting together large project finance transactions where creative risk transfer mechanisms allowed for the financing of projects that could not have been accomplished without a structured approach.  Not only has structured financing been effective for large projects, but a similar approach has been successful in the entertainment industry as well.

Knowing how to apply the principals of risk transfer and bringing the sophisticated parties to the table can increase the likely hood of long term success.  Excelsior has done it.